Nissan Skyline GT-R Gets New Lease On Life

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The aftermarket continues to show love to the RB26 engine.

The RB26DETT-powered Nissan Skyline GT-R continues to receive love with HKS announcing the development of a new engine part at this year's Tokyo Auto Salon. The historic aftermarket firm revealed a dual wall exhaust manifold for Godzilla, which it promises will provide improvements to efficiency and power while reducing its impact on the environment.

This part will fall under the HKS Advanced Heritage catalog and will be joined by an intake system. The design concept that took to the stage in Tokyo is a mock-up made with a 3D printer but the final part will make use of carbon fiber-reinforced polymer. Similar to the standard system, this example employs a closed layout to optimize the intake air temperature.

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HKS's dual wall exhaust manifold will feature a double insulation structure with outer and inner walls. Additionally, a vacuum layer is added to further improve the insulation effect. HKS confirms that it's planning to release this intake system and exhaust manifold this summer and will be just one part that will be added to an already conclusive list of aftermarket accessories from the tuning firm.

For the RB26, HKS offers essential engine modifications that include uprated sports turbines, an intercooler, piping, and fueling. You can also opt for an upgraded actuator, oil pump, radiator cap, and increased displacement. Other mechanical parts include a performance clutch system, several exhaust modifications, and suspension revisions.

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The RB26 was discontinued for the GT-R when R34 production ended in 2002 but the powertrain has still been in high demand because of its astonishing aftermarket capabilities. The engine has been on offer from Nismo in crate format at a pretty lofty $53,400 price tag but as of 2019, the heritage department started offering engine components individually.

For software fans, HKS also displayed the latest variation of its F-CON V Pro fuel and spark timing management controller. This device has been designed for the latest car models fitted with electric throttle and direct injection controls. What makes this unit so special is that it can be operated without a direct connection to a computer.

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