Nissan GT-R to go Hybrid?

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Better late than never: second-generation GT-R planned for production while current-gen to receive major refresh by end of 2013. But will an electric motor find its way under the hood at some point?

Contrary to previous reports regarding Godzilla's replacement (or lack thereof), Nissan has confirmed it is planning a new GT-R for production, with the current development schedule suggesting a launch date in 2018. Last month Inside Line reported that work an all-new R36 model had yet to begin, but having recently visited Nissan's R&D center, the Edmunds publication now insists approval has been granted to launch a successor to the current the R35-generation GT-R.

Originally penciled in for 2015, the new GT-R has been delayed as the supercar's chief engineer and product specialist Kazutoshi Mizuno took a leave of absence due to health problems. Though technically forced into mandatory retirement at 60, we're glad to report Mizuno has returned to the development team in a "consultancy" capacity. Company sources also claim the GT-R team are closely watching the development of the hybrid-powered Acura NSX - a car that Honda insiders claim can beat Godzilla around the Nurburgring - leading to speculation that the next GT-R could also incorporate hybrid power.

Whether the current GT-R is mated to an electric boost or if a hybrid system could only be incorporated into the next model remains to be seen, but Inside Line also reports that a revised version of the current GT-R is set to incorporate revised styling and powertrain by the end of next year.

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