Nissan GT-R Totals a VW Polo in Brazil

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The Japanese supercar killer commits hari-kari in Brazil taking a VW Polo with it.

Over the weekend in Brazil's Santa Catarina a serious accident took place involving this white and black GT-R and a VW Polo sedan. As the photos show, the supercar killer rear-ended the sedan crumpling it up like an accordion before ending up in a ditch. According to eyewitnesses, the GT-R was being driven at high speeds down the freeway (no surprise there) and simply slammed into the back of the Polo before skidding off into a small ravine.

The GT-R driver claims he was cut up and was thus forced to take evasive action, causing him to body slam the VW. Whatever the reason, the end result wasn't pretty with one unfortunate Polo passenger suffering a compound leg fracture. The GT-R driver also ignored the passengers in the Polo causing additional mayhem amongst locals who were outraged by his arrogant and ignorant actions.

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