Nissan GT-Rs Burn To A Crisp In Devastating Shop Fire

If you’re a fan of Japanese performance cars, you may find these images of a Nissan GT-R graveyard distressing.

A devastating fire erupted at UK-based specialist car shop RB Motorsport last Friday. The good news we can salvage from this story is that no one was hurt in the blaze, but there were several car casualties. RB Motorsport specializes in maintaining Nissan GT-Rs and Skylines, and has “unrivaled experience in maintaining, servicing, upgrading, and tuning of these high performance Japanese GT cars.” At least seven customer cars perished in the fire, including several GT-Rs and a Ford Escort Cosworth.

If you’re a fan of Japanese performance cars, you may find these images distressing. Photos of the aftermath of the fire show the specialist shop reduced to a Nissan GT-R graveyard. According to a statement posted by RB Motorsport on Facebook, 99 percent of the shop was destroyed in the fire. “As people have probably seen over social media and the news, we have had a fire at our unit,” the statement said. “Not sure on the full extent of the damage but as it is clear by pictures... 99 percent of everything has been destroyed, unfortunately along with customer’s cars which we are most upset about. Once we have more details we will publish them to keep our customer base informed.”

“We hope to be up and back to normal as soon as we can, but as it’s understandable, it’s going to be a long time before we’re up and running again.” No doubt the extensive damage will take a long time to clean up, but one consolation is that the business has received ample support from the community to help get it up and running again.

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