Drag Race

Nissan GT-Rs Meet Up with a Pack Of Supercars

It's supercars on a runway - that's never a bad thing.

There's a reason why the Nissan GT-R is so often referred to as a “supercar killer.” That is exactly the purpose it was intended for, delivering supercar performance at a fraction of the price. So GT-R owners tend to be eager to race supercars, while the owners of said supercars are often just as eager to defend their car’s honor. That was the thinking behind this meetup of GTRoc and SCD supercar club, a series of standing mile drag races for bragging rights.

The day’s winner was not exactly a stock GT-R from Severn Valley Motorsports which hit 207.4 in the standing mile. That’s one hell of a good run. Grieg's Peer Gynt "Morning Mood" Suite is a nice touch and perfect fit for the intro soundtrack.

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