Nissan GTR P600 PKG by Switzer

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Godzilla drops its 0-60 time down to 2.6 seconds thanks to enhancements from Switzer Performance.

US tuner Switzer Performance can't get enough of the Nissan GT-R, and its latest aftermarket program, dubbed the P600 GTR PK, has given Godzilla 600 horsepower, up from the stock 545 hp. Switzer managed this modest boost in power by adding high-flow filters, its own high-performance ECU software and a free-flowing SS90 exhaust that also improves the sounds of the 3.8-liter twin-turbo V6. As a result the 0-60 time has dropped to a claimed 2.6 seconds. Make no doubt about it: that is epically fast.

Switzer also says it has trimmed 2.5 seconds off the 60-130 time for in-gear acceleration. The only aesthetic change made to the car was the addition of a set of brand-new Switzer Signature lightweight forged alloys wrapped in Michelin Pilot Supersport tires. Switzer has priced this tuning package at $12,900, on top (of course) of the donor car's price.

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