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Nissan has Built a Leaf Ute for No Apparent Reason

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Picture this: a Leaf mated with a Frontier. Strange and yet we dig it.

It turns out that engineers at Nissan's Technical Center in Arizona love to build things. They also seem to have some extra time on their hands. Not that that's bad or anything, but what you see before you is the result of tinkering and the simple question of "why not?" Known as Sparky, this is a Nissan Leaf crossed with a Nissan Frontier, a one-off creation done simply because. It's an all-electric ute that started off as a stock Leaf, and then given a truck bed.

Nissan engineer Roland Schellenberg stated that he "needed a project for a team building activity so we can bring the team together. We had a need for a truck. Something to drive around, a shop truck. We basically got the stock Leaf, and after reviewing a bunch of designs of pickup trucks that we have here at Nisan, we decided to go with a Frontier bed."

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