Nissan Hyper Urban Is A Stylish Electric Crossover With A Lounge-Like Interior

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It's one of four electric concepts that Nissan will reveal this month.

Nissan has revealed a new concept called the Hyper Urban ahead of the Japan Mobility Show later this month. The all-electric vehicle has a dramatically-styled exterior and is aimed at "urban- and suburban-based professionals who prioritize environmental sustainability."

The Lime Yellow bodywork lends the vehicle a youthful appearance and highlights the angular and modern design. The vehicle's paintwork reacts differently to light, depending on the angle and lighting conditions. This should give the car a dynamic look, even when standing still.

Overall, the cab-backward silhouette gives the Hyper Urban a sleek and sporty look. It's also aerodynamic, which aids efficiency, boosts range, and improves performance. Unusually for a mainstream crossover, the Hyper Urban boasts front and rear scissor doors. This striking detail isn't merely aesthetic but helps passengers easily get in and out of the vehicle.

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The wheels feature the same colors and detailing as the bodywork, with stripe motifs and lashings of green. Nissan hasn't said when the Hyper Urban will enter production, but we're guessing it will arrive as a fashionable coupe SUV positioned above the Ariya.

As an electric car, the Hyper Urban emphasizes sustainability. This extends beyond the drivetrain, though, with Nissan noting the concept is perfect for people who value long-term ownership. Thanks to regular software and hardware updates, owners can upgrade their vehicles over many years instead of purchasing a new one.

This extends to the interior, where owners can choose from new instrument panels with the latest technology and user interfaces. Speaking of the cabin, Nissan has designed it to be a relaxing environment and even says owners can park the vehicle in a loft apartment to use the interior to unwind.

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The front seats are collapsible and fold neatly into the rear captain's chairs, creating a recliner for rear passengers. A pair of screens are positioned between the rear seats, while a glass roof creates an illusion of space while letting light into the cabin.

Hyper Urban is just one of four concepts that will be revealed this month, with the rest following on October 10, 17, and 19, respectively. Last week, the Concept 20-23 was introduced, previewing a sporty compact hatchback that may evolve into the next-generation Micra.

Nissan may have pioneered the modern-day mainstream EV with the Leaf, but rivals have left it behind. However, that will all change in the coming years, with plans to introduce 19 electric vehicles before the decade's end. Two of these vehicles will reportedly be produced in the United States. By 2025, we can expect electric variants of the Juke, Rogue, and Rogue Sport crossovers.

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