Nissan IMs Concept Electrifies Detroit

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Nissan has created a new "elevated sports sedan" segment with its latest electric concept.

Nowadays, you can't have a major motor show without automakers previewing the future with electric concept cars. At this year's Detroit Auto Show, Nissan has unveiled a new electric concept called the IMs. While Nissan's luxury Infiniti Division is previewing its first electric SUV with the Inspiration QX, the Nissan IMs takes the form of an electric sedan. Or, to use Nissan's wording, an "elevated sports sedan," a new segment that combines the ride height of an SUV with the sleek shape of a traditional four-door sedan.

The styling looks futuristic yet familiar since the IMs incorporates Nissan's V-motion design language. There's no conventional grille at the front, but Nissan still incorporates its signature V-shaped front end by making the shape out of the headlights. Its sloping roof looks sleek, while aggressive 22-inch wheels add to its sporty character. In Autonomous Drive mode, the IMs concept's headlights and rear combination light turn blue and the lighting travels continuously from front-to-rear to notify pedestrians and other drivers of its autonomous status.

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The exterior also features holographic rear taillamps and a B-pillar-less four-door body structure with reverse-opening rear doors for easy interior access. The IMs is powered by an electric motor at the front and rear axle that send a combined output of 483 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque to all four wheels. A 115-kilowatt-hour battery pack provides an estimated 380-mile range on a single charge.

Inside the futuristic cabin, all powertrain components are tucked away beneath the floor to prioritize interior space. In manual driving mode, the IMs concept's interior becomes a driver-centric cockpit with advanced driver-assistance technology and multi-level information displays. When driven autonomously, the steering wheel retracts and the driver can turn around to chat with passengers. There's also a large rear bench that can either seat three or act as a central "premier seat" when the outer two seats are folded. In contrast to the lighter exterior, the interior utilizes darker materials with gold details providing elements of light.

Nissan Nissan Nissan Nissan

"This IMs concept is the latest example of how we envision the future of mobility as we head toward our goal of zero emissions and zero fatalities on the road. It is an advanced study in progressive proportions, which has resulted in a completely new type of elevated sports sedan" said Denis Le Vot, senior vice president, chairman of Management Committee, Nissan North America. "Combining a sleek and sexy exterior with a warm cavernous cabin, the IMs concept offers a fresh kind of driving experience, manually, autonomously and virtually."

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