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Nissan IMx Zero-Emission Concept Is A 430 HP, 373-Mile Range Future SUV


Wacky looking? Yes, but it's a brief glimpse as to what Nissan has in mind.

Nissan has unveiled the IMx Zero-Emission concept at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show, a model that could very well become a future production SUV. Think of it as an SUV version of the new second-generation Leaf. Exterior styling is a bit polarizing, though it does feature the brand’s familiar V-motion grille. The character line rises and flows to the hood and rear end, while broad surfaces of the distinctively shaped front fenders begin from the grille and expand onto the body sides. Nissan claims this creates a sense of layers.

The interior is also pretty wild, featuring a panoramic OLED instrument panel displaying a view of what’s happening outside the vehicle. There’s also a wood grain-patterned display located below the instrument panel that wraps around the interior door trims.

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Also note the diagonal seat pattern etched in place by a laser cutter. The headrest is made from silicon-material cushioning while its frame was produced by a 3D printer. The concept is powered by two electric motors that produced a combined 430 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque. Because the IMx rides on Nissan’s new EV platform, it features a flat floor allowing for both a low center of gravity and spacious interior. The battery pack, according to Nissan, offers a Tesla-rivaling 373-mile range capacity. Other new tech includes a fully autonomous driving system called ProPilot.

When selected, this system stows the steering wheel inside the dashboard and reclines the seats, thus giving the driver additional space and allowing for all other passengers to kick back and relax. Once Manual mode is selected, the steering wheel and seats return to their normal positions, and the driver is back in control. Although the IMx Zero-Emission is strictly a concept, Nissan plans to launch the Leaf-based SUV before 2020. It won’t look as radical as this, but many of its features, specially the electric motors, are very much doable.