Nissan Is Bringing A New GT-R To The 2016 New York Auto Show

Is it a facelift or a new edition?

Nissan has released a single teaser image of the rear of a vehicle that it plans to unveil at next week’s New York Auto Show. It’s clear to see that the vehicle in question is the Nissan GT-R, but there’s no word on whether the automaker will be bringing a facelifted or a special edition of the supercar to the auto show. With an all-new version of the supercar rumored to come out in 2020, this very well may be the final updated version of the R35 GT-R. Or, it could be another special edition of the supercar.

The sole picture reveals the same quad-circle taillights, wing and rear end design that every enthusiast has come to recognize on the Japanese supercar. With reports suggesting that the next generation of the GT-R will come in 2020, it’s highly unlikely that the automaker will unveil an all-new GT-R. However, that doesn’t mean Nissan won’t have any signification changes in store for the supercar. The automaker has given the GT-R subtle changes every year, which includes more power, improving its chassis and even making the supercar more comfortable. Since Nissan plans to give the GT-R a more premium feel, this facelifted model will most likely have some premium updates.

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