Nissan is Finally Killing Off the Murano CrossCabrio


All bad things must come to an end.

It's been one of the best cars to mock over the past few years, and soon we'll no longer be able to do so, except in the past tense. With the arrival of the all-new third generation Nissan Murano this week in New York, sources have confirmed that the Murano CrossCabrio will no longer be part of the lineup. A Nissan source has specifically stated that "there is no plan for a next-generation Murano CC." Not that many will miss it.


Nissan reportedly sold just a little over 1,300 examples last year, which was quite the drop from 2012's 3,278 units sold. In other words, the writing has long been on the wall that very few would be interested in buying a second-gen Murano CC. We doubt few will actually miss it, except for some hair dressers who ditched their old Beetle convertibles for one.

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