Nissan Juke-R Takes on the GT-R on the Track

The Juke-R has been pitted against the GT-R to find out who performs better on the track.

The Nissan Juke-R, everyone's favorite GT-R/Juke hybrid, has taken to the track to challenge the 2012 GT-R (MY2013 in the U.S.). The GT-R ran on a slightly damp track while the Juke-R had a bit of a dryer surface.

The Juke-R put on a valiant display, though it came up just 1.3 seconds short of beating the GT-R. What's even more impressive is that the Juke-R weighs more and cranks out 485hp while the new GT-R is rated at 545hp. The Bedford Autodrome track features a few straights, so the Juke-R's higher profile and less aerodynamics really came into play.

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