Nissan Kicks Driver Slams Into Parked Airplane On Freeway

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What are the Las Vegas odds on that?

After a small plane made an emergency landing with mechanical issues on a freeway in Nevada, several cars moved to another lane, but a Nissan driver managed to hit the stopped aircraft. The incident happened not far from Las Vegas, southbound on the US 95 near Red Rock Canyon, where we recently drove the McLaren Artura and Kia EV6 GT.

The small plane successfully made an emergency landing due to mechanical issues on the left shoulder of the freeway, and several cars moved into another lane to avoid the wing stretching out. However, the driver of a Nissan Kicks managed to hit the wing directly on its windshield.

Twitter/Nevada Highway Patrol

A witness says the Nissan was traveling "fast" at around 9:40 in the morning when it hit the DA20 two-seater airplane, according to KRQE. The incident was then watched from above by Las Vegas resident Kevin King, who was flying over with an instructor pilot.

"North Las Vegas air traffic control told us to take our plane there immediately and make sure the pilots of the accident aircraft were OK," said King. King's craft made contact with the successfully grounded craft, and he learned nobody was injured. The occupants had exited and were standing behind the aircraft's right wing. It was five to ten minutes later when the crossover hit the airplane.

Twitter/Nevada Highway Patrol

"What happened is the collision caused the plane to kick back and the right wing then hits both the instructor pilot and the other pilot," King said. He also points out several cars had already passed the static craft.

Vegas residents won't be surprised someone managed to hit a small aircraft not taking up all the lanes on a freeway. Thankfully, nobody was killed, though. According to Nevada Highway Patrol, the Nissan driver and both occupants of the plane were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Twitter/Nevada Highway Patrol
Source Credits: KRQE

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