Nissan Launching 370Z Spec Racing Series

Want to go racing in a Nismo Z? This could be your chance.

Spec racing series have grown quite popular, with everyone from Lamborghini to Opel hosting their own. Now Nissan is joining in with a racing version of the Nismo 370Z pictured here. Called the Nissan 370Z Nismo Z-Challenge Spec, the series will allow aspiring racers and amateur enthusiasts to compete against each other in identical machinery. The completed racing car is expected to be presented at the Tokyo Auto Salon next month, but should be similar to the existing 370Z Nismo RC.

That vehicle packs the same 3.7-liter V6 as the roadgoing model, but tuned to Nismo spec at 350 horsepower and bolstered by competition-grade rolling stock, brakes, suspension and more. Although the Nismo series is sure to be more cost-effective than something like the Maserati Trofeo or Bentley's upcoming Continental GT3 series, the Nismo 370Z RC already sells for upwards of $164k, and the cost of participation for one season is sure to boost the bottom line even further.

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