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Nissan Leaf Expected To Cost $5,500 More With 60-kWh Battery

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Nearly 50 percent more range comes at a premium.

Thinking about getting an electric vehicle, but find the Nissan Leaf's range too short for your needs? Then you'll be pleased to know that Nissan is rolling out a version with a bigger battery. And while it hasn't released pricing for the new 60-kWh version, preliminary intel suggests it'll come in around $5,500 more than the 40-kWh version.

Although official specs haven't been revealed, either, CarsDirect expects the 60-kWh to go for about 225 miles between charges, trumping the existing 40-kWH model's 151-mile range. That's nearly 50 percent more, making the Leaf a more compelling alternative to the Chevy Bolt EV.

With the introduction of the larger battery, it appears that the top version of the 40-kWh Leaf is being sandwiched out. That would seem to make sense, because few buyers would be interested in shelling out $37,000 for a Leaf SL with the 40-kWh battery instead of $36,000 for a Leaf S with the 60-kWh pack. It may be bad news for those keen on getting the best-equipped version, though, as it means the only Leaf SL (positioned above the S and SV versions) will come in at a rather handsome $42,500, coming standard with the bigger battery.

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Since its introduction in 2010, Nissan has sold over 350,000 Leafs around the world, making it the best-selling electric vehicle in history. The Tesla Model 3 is quickly ramping up to mount an assault on that title. But with only 100,000 made so far, it may take a little while to get there – especially with the promised $35,000 version still yet to arrive, and Nissan keeps improving the second-generation Leaf to keep ahead of the eager competition.