Nissan Listened To Pathfinder Owners And Made It Less Boring For 2017

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An SUV it is not, but it now looks more like one.

Exactly 30 years ago, the Nissan Pathfinder was launched as a two-door SUV. Body-on-frame chassis and all. It was an immediate hit among off-road enthusiasts who also appreciated its daily usability around town. But today, as we discuss in our latest unboxing review, the fourth-generation Pathfinder, originally launched back in 2012, has become a three-row crossover. The 2017 Pathfinder has received a mid-cycle facelift and Nissan addressed several key issues that owners didn't like.

For starters, it looked too much like a minivan with its rounded styling throughout. Heck, perhaps the name "Mallfinder" better suited it. To correct that, the 2017 Pathfinder features angular front and rear end styling that make it look more SUV-ish.

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Along with best-in-class towing and fuel economy, is the Pathfinder still a somewhat bland three-row crossover, or is it a better blend between SUV and CUV? CarBuzz was invited to an exclusive Nissan event to check out the 2017 Pathfinder before it hits showrooms in September, and here's what we found out.

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