Nissan Makes It Easier To Drive A Leaf On Vacation

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The answer? Just leave it at home.

Though automakers have proved that electric vehicles thrive on long road trips, provided there are charging stations available on the route, many car shoppers are hesitant to buy one because it can't handle their yearly vacation. We've always recommended that buyers worry more about their day-to-day commute than a single week during the year, or rent a gas-powered car when it's time to take a trip. Great minds think alike, it seems, as Nissan just announced a clever program for EV owners.

In a new partnership with Turo, 2021 Nissan Leaf owners can now "own the car they want and book the car they need," with a $350 credit towards a rental car on the car-sharing service. This offer is included with any new Leaf purchase or lease.

2018-2021 Nissan Leaf Front Angle View Nissan
2018-2021 Nissan Leaf Side View Nissan
2018-2021 Nissan Leaf Rear Angle View Nissan

"Nissan understands our Leaf customers and we know that there are times when they may need a different vehicle for a specific occasion," said Aditya Jairaj, director, EV marketing and sales strategy, Nissan US. "With this offer, Leaf owners get a great electric vehicle that suits their everyday driving, but if they want a different vehicle to help move or take a large family on a road trip, Nissan and Turo are giving them options."

Nissan and Turo piloted the program over the past six months at dealerships in Denver, Phoenix, and Washington DC. This is the second time the two companies have partnered; the first occasion was for extended test drives at the dealer.

2018-2021 Nissan Leaf Charge Port Nissan
2018-2021 Nissan Leaf Gauge Cluster Nissan

The standard Nissan Leaf offers a 149-mile range, while the extended-range Leaf Plus can travel 226 miles on a charge. Though the latter isn't far off competitors, it's still not ideal for an extended road trip across the US. With this new offer, owners can rent a larger, more practical vehicle for their vacations and leave the Leaf charging at home. Perhaps the peace of mind will convince a few more people to buy an EV.

2018-2021 Nissan Leaf Dashboard Nissan
2018-2021 Nissan Leaf Rear Passenger Seats Nissan
2011-2017 Nissan Leaf Maximum Cargo Space Nissan

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2018-2021 Nissan Leaf Front Angle View
2018-2021 Nissan Leaf Side View
2018-2021 Nissan Leaf Rear Angle View
2018-2021 Nissan Leaf Charge Port

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