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Nissan Makes the World's First Electric Limousine

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Japanese automaker turns over a new Leaf with stretch job for Tennessee hotel.

We knew something like this was going to come sooner or later, and if you've never been a fan of the Nissan Leaf (or any EV for that matter), then this certainly won't be your cup of tea. Nissan has just announced that the world's first electric limousine is now here and - big shocker - it's based off the Leaf EV. Modified by a company out of Missouri, the Leaf limo was built for the Embassy suites hotel in Nashville, Tennessee, when they required a new way to shuttle their guests around.

After stretching the car, the company added mirrors, full leather seating, cedar paneling and other bits normally found on luxury limos. The only major mechanical change was moving the battery pack to the rear in order to achieve better balance. All told, some 400 pounds were added to the car's center.

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The hotel, which is committed to going green, claims that guests normally travel less than five miles when making use of the limo's services, so range anxiety obviously won't be an issue. Just don't expect to look as good when stepping out of this as you would when opting for something classier. Like a stretched Hummer, for example, or a triple-gullwing Audi R8.