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Nissan May FINALLY Be Ready To Talk About Replacing The Frontier

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And the Xterra could make a comeback as well.

Whether it be the aging Frontier pickup truck, or even the GT-R and 370Z sports cars, Nissan has been content selling old models for more than a decade without a replacement. The Frontier is currently the worst offender in the Nissan lineup. The current version sold in the US has been around since 2004, and if you have to ask us why that's such a bad thing, you should probably go drive one. Nissan finally replaced the Titan, but has yet to announce a new Frontier. MotorTrend may finally have some news on Nissan's midsize truck.

We know that Nissan has to replace the Frontier at some point, but so far the company hasn't said whether a new truck would be based on the globally sold Navara pickup truck, or an all-new platform. For those who live in the US, you may remember us talking about the Navara, which underpins the new Mercedes X-Class truck. According to an unnamed source, the Renault Nissan Mitsubishi Alliance Light Commercial Vehicles unit will reveal a new body-on-frame vehicle at next year's Beijing Motor Show. All signs point to this vehicle being a replacement for the off-road Xterra SUV, which was discontinued back in 2015.

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The Xterra was a true body-on-frame SUV that could handle off-road duties. Nissan wants to cash in on young lifestyle buyers that have been turning to the Jeep Wrangler and Toyota 4Runner. With a new Wrangler and Ford Bronco on the way, now seems like a good time to revive the Xterra. The report indicates that the new Frontier will be based on the same platform as the Xterra, which will not be shared with the Navara. Nissan feels that the Navara platform is too commercial, and would be compromised for American buyers. The new trucks will be built in Canton, Mississippi, but Nissan has not announced any timetable for a new Xterra or Frontier.