Nissan Murano CrossCab Most Disliked Car of 2011

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The Murano CrossCab was tabbed as the 'most disliked car of 2011.'

This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that the Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet is the 'most disliked car of 2011'. According to CNN's Fortune magazine, the monstrosity that is the Murano CrossCab has received the most negative reviews since the Pontiac Aztek and the Mercedes R-Class. The overpriced, overweight and overhyped CrossCab doesn't even feature a decent riding experience, something that is of paramount importance on a convertible.

The all-wheel-drive Murano CrossCab features two doors, an automatic folding fabric roof and not much else. From Road & Track, one observer thought the CrossCabrio resembled "some weird mechanical mutant" and then added on its own: "Thinking of the billions of yen and exhaustive engineering efforts needed to create the 'world's first all-wheel-drive crossover convertible' is as shocking as the CrossCabriolet itself." Pulitzer Prize winner Dan Neil of the Wall Street Journal called the Murano CrossCab "Sluggish, wobbly, weird-looking, with a front-end shake that would mix a good daiquiri, crazy-awful ... the CrossCab is like a sorbet of mouse scat."

Neil continues with his critique of the car's ride in addition to its looks, commenting that "when this thing hits a pothole, it shakes its jowls like Curly from the Three Stooges -- wubba-wubba-wubba." The Nissan Murano CrossCab carries a price-tag of $47,520, however the price does not include what you will need to spend on mental health evaluations if you actually purchase the CrossCab or on therapy you will most certainly need to cope with all the abuse that would get thrown your way.

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