Nissan Nismo Mashups Are the Equivelant to Cars Having Ugly Babies

What happens when you combine a GT-R Nismo with a Titan?

OK, this one is a bit weird. Nissan’s motorsport division, Nismo, has just put together a series of images showcasing what will forever remain fantasy. Imagine a 370Z mating with a Versa Note. Not strange enough? What if a GT-R Nismo were to mate with a Titan pickup truck? Disturbing, but admit it, you’re somewhat curious. Here’s the backstory: in February, Nismo asked fans to submit ideas to combine any two Nissan models at a time.

The suggestions were then handed over to a graphic artist and the results are what you see here. But to be perfectly clear, as Nismo Community Manager, Max, states: "Nismo fans don’t worry this is only a mashup. Part of this project was to make the most extreme combinations of each vehicle. In doing so, we may or may not have defied laws of physics, classic design queues, and, well, all common sense. But, hey that’s the fun of it. Love it, hate it, or post hilarious memes about, it’s just another way of spending time talking and thinking about the passion for everything on 4 wheels that we share, as absurd as the conversation may get from time to time."

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