Nissan NV Winner of Next Taxi Fleet of NYC

The results are in and the next taxi cab for the fair city of New York City will be a van from Nissan! The Nissan taxi van beat out Ford's Transit Connect Taxi and an entry vehicle from Karsan, a Turkish automotive firm. All of the Big Apple's fleet of 13,200 cabs is expected to be phased out by 2018, with the Nissan replacing both the Crown Victoria and hybrid models.

The selection is not without complaints and criticism as taxi companies would prefer to have choices beyond just one model, and disability advocated are unhappy that the Nissan is not wheelchair accessible. The Nissan cab does, however, sport extra passenger legroom and greater cargo space, and it is expected that the cabs could also be updated to run on electric power. The city was not allowed to pick a winner based on fuel economy, but it's estimated that the new Nissan cab gets 24-26 mpg.

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