Nissan Partners with City Ventures in 190 Leaf-ready Homes

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Nissan and City Ventures join forces to help bring plug-in vehicles more accessible for Leaf-ready homes in California

The Japanese automaker and City Ventures, which is one of California's leading builders of affordable, eco-friendly homes in urban locations, have joined forces to pre-wire 190 Southern California under-construction townhomes for plug-in vehicle chargers. City Ventures will pre-wire parking spaces for installation of a Level II charging dock throughout several cities, which is the recommended method to charge the Nissan LEAF at home.

During the first phase of the plan, residents will be able to easily install home-charging equipment in single or multi-family garage locations at City Ventures developments in Santa Barbara with 48 homes, Signal Hill with 54 homes and Alhambra with 88 homes. Nissan has consulted with City Ventures to exchange technical and charging information. The partnership between Nissan and City Ventures adds to a large, and growing, list of actions taken by everyone in the entire community in order to gain acceptance for the EV's.

Actions taken by large companies to further advance green initiatives within their organization include Google's Rechargelt program that includes the installation of hundreds of workplace charging locations and NRG's eVgo network of fast charging stations in Texas. There are 15,000 public charging stations in the U.S. that are expected to launch within the next few years through various private and public projects. The Nissan Leaf is currently being offered throughout most of the western states such as Washington, Texas and of course California.

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