Nissan Pathfinder Concept Teased Ahead of Detroit

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As Detroit draws ever nearer the hype train is building up a head of steam.

Having announced the Pathfinder Concept's presence at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show, Nissan has kindly released a couple of shadowy images of its profile as the inevitable hype-train gets underway. According to the Japanese automaker the new Concept : "takes all of Pathfinder's traditional SUV hallmarks and wraps them in a new platform and dramatic new aerodynamic body." The seven-seat concept will be 4-wheel drive, so the brand's utility vehicle will maintain a modicum of its off-road capabilities.

It's hard to say too much about the design from these teaser images, although there's a suggestion of a traditional roofline and five-spoke wheels. The production Pathfinder is scheduled to go on sale in the fall, but will have its debut on 9 January in Detroit.

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