Nissan Patrol Safari Range Expanded

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Three new dune bashing variants offer even more off-road ability.

When it comes to the serious business of traversing vast, inhospitable tracts of desert, the Nissan Patrol has been the vehicle of choice for many Middle Eastern motorists. "The Middle East inspired the very creation of the Patrol Safari range, and it has an enduring popularity in the region, amongst Gulf nationals and expats alike," said Kalyana Sivagnanam, regional vice president, Marketing and Sales, Nissan AMI and president of Nissan Middle East.

Thanks to this long-lasting loyalty, Nissan has tailor-made a brace of new Patrol editions for the region, releasing them at an event in Dubai. Sivagnaman continued by saying that, "At Nissan, we understand the importance of the Patrol Safari to the people of the Gulf, and in response to popular demand, we have launched these three editions that are exclusive to the region. We are confident that the launch of the Patrol Falcon, Gazelle, and Gazelle X will further cement the car's status as the all-conquering, off-roading vehicle of choice for desert-lovers in the Middle East."

Each of the three vehicles has been geared to offer even more off-road ability. The Gazelle and Gazelle X both feature snorkel air intakes, winches, serious off-road tires and raised suspension components with the Gazelle X also getting a 4-inch lift kit and performance exhaust system. The Falcon has received a slightly less extreme makeover but comes with some notable features such as an LED beam light bar and silver satin front skid plate.

All three come equipped with front and rear locking diffs, all-terrain suspension and built-in air compressors. Power is provided by a 280-horsepower 4.8-liter motor which can be mated to either a five-speed manual or automatic transmission. Sales in the region are up by an impressive 30 percent since April this year, building on a trend that has seen the brand grow by 152% in the past five years. Impressive figures that underline the capabilities of these rugged vehicles.


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