Nissan Pays Salespeople Extra To Get Rid Of 2017 Inventory


And you may be able to score a great deal.

December is the time of year when things start to slow down as we begin preparations for a brand new year. This is also the time when car dealerships are offering those sweet discounts that entice you to make a big purchase at the end of the year. Last year we saw some huge discounts from GM, but this year Nissan is making big moves to sell leftover inventory. According to Automotive News, Nissan is dangling a factory-to-salesperson incentive of $100 in order to get rid of any leftover 2017 models.

This is really good news for anyone who is a salesperson for Nissan, because the company will give out $100 for every 2017 vehicle sold between now and January 2nd. Sales managers will also get a nice holiday bonus in the form of $50 for every 2017 model sold. According to Judy Wheeler, Nissan Division vice president of U.S. sales, 2017 models currently comprise 60% of Nissan's inventory. This is higher than average because Nissan has been late to reveal some of its 2018 models and supply has not become plentiful. Nissan has also had to contend with a slow third-quarter of sales, which has been made worse by natural disasters around the country.

So now we get to the most important part of the story, how all of this helps the consumer. Salespeople are being incentivized to get rid of 2017 inventory, so they may be tempted to steer customers towards cars that have less profit for the dealership. An anonymous Nissan retailer commented that these incentives may cause salespeople to sell the "low-hanging fruit." Nissan believes that this is the fastest way to get rid of 2017, which is good news for buyers. Since the $100 incentive is flat for each car, the salesperson likely won't try to push buyers into something that makes more money for the dealership.


One of the best deals in December will be the Murano, which currently has around $5,000 in incentives, including $1,500 in dealer bonus cash. We'd recommend going in to see if your local Nissan dealership has any Juke Nismos leftover. This was a fun crossover that could even be had with a manual transmission. The Juke lineup will soon be replaced by the new Kicks, so you may be able to score a nice deal on a leftover Juke.

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