Nissan Posts 7:19.1 Ring Lap in Latest GT-R

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With the latest revisions, Nissan has whittled its Nurburgring lap time down even further.

Nissan has released the latest version of its GT-R in Europe. It's the same revised model we've already seen, launched as it was in Japan and in North America. But what it means is that Nissan has finally had the opportunity to bring the updated Godzilla to the Nurburgring. With 550 horsepower channeled from its revised 3.8-liter twin-turbo V6 to all four wheels through more electronics than the floor of CES, the latest GT-R ran a lap of 7:19.1. That makes it two seconds faster than last year's model, says Nissan.

But what's more is that Kazutoshi Mizuno, the man credited with creating the GT-R, says a good half second was lost off the hot lap due to (apparently rather quickly) avoiding traffic, which would drop the theoretical time down to 7:18.6. It's an interesting claim, but the leader boards already show that Toshio Suzuki - who won, among other things, his class at Le Mans in 1999 in the Toyota GT-One - posted a 7:18 lap in the 550hp GT-R sometime last year, so we're not sure what's afoot here. One way or another - and with a 0-62 time now quoted at 2.7 seconds - there's no doubt that the latest GT-R is one of the fastest cars on road or track.

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