Nissan Recreates Ken Block's Raptor Rampage With A Tracked Rogue

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We'd still rather a G Wagon 6x6 for the dunes.

For those that don't have much experience with the desert, getting stuck in the middle of it with no water is a pretty scary thing. For those that do, it's downright terrifying. However things aren't so bad when there is a properly suited dune transport solution on hand, one just like a Nissan X-Trail fitted with special off-road tracks that make it look like Ken Block's modified Ford F-150 RaptorTRAX. Snow or sand be dammed because this Nissan will conquer it all.

In this particular commercial, Nissan likens the X-Trail (known as the Rogue to us North Americans) to a toy for the sand dunes much like the half-million dollar Mercedes-AMG G-Class 6x6 except for those who haven't yet struck oil. In fact, aside from the 6x6's ability to leap off of steep dunes, the tracked X-Trail may be the better of the two options.

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The X-Trail that's been used as a base for this custom desert-conquering machine isn't a Nissan that's available in the US under the same name (here it's sold as the Rogue), but as Nissan portrays it, it's as good at off-roading as we'd hope an X-Terra successor would be. A desert warrior it may be, but we can't help but guess that the Patrol (known as the Armada across the Atlantic) would have been the better pick for the tank track treatment. Maybe next time Nissan.

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