Nissan Revealed New Maxima Last Night In Super Bowl Commercial


And the commercial itself was pretty good, too.

As the Nissan Altima has continued to grow in size (and market share) over the past several years and production cycles, the larger Maxima sedan has, sadly, become somewhat less relevant for the automaker. The Maxima has had a loyal following for years and Nissan, to its credit, never discontinued it. Yet the car never enjoyed the same amount of attention as the Altima. But last night's Super Bowl commercial from Nissan will hopefully put an end to that.

At the very end of the touching father and son story - complete with some Harry Chapin - we were shown a full reveal of the all-new Maxima. It looks sweet. Also shown was Nissan's new GT-R LM Nismo that'll race at Le Mans.

You can read the full Maxima review.


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