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Nissan Reveals New Platinum Edition X-Trail for the UK

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Nissan UK reveals the new Platinum Edition of the X-Trail small SUV. And it costs how much?!

Just as Nissan is preparing to reveal their new Pathfinder concept at the Detroit Auto Show in just a couple of weeks, the Japanese automaker has just unveiled a new limited edition trim of their X-Trail crossover SUV. No, it's not the Xterra that's sold in the U.S., but it's a tough-looking small SUV that's sold in the UK. It's actually built on the same platform as the Rogue, so we doubt that it can handle off-roading quite like the Xterra can.

Power comes from an advanced 2.0-liter diesel that produces 170hp and is mated to either a manual or automatic gearbox. The new Platinum Edition is basically a luxury version of the X-Trail and it includes additions such as leather upholstery and electrically-adjustable, heated front seats and a new touch screen with sat nav, iPod connectivity and Bluetooth. There's also a reversing camera with the image being transmitted onto a small screen that's incorporated into the rear view mirror. Nissan UK is claiming the X-Trail Platinum is "not expensive," but we beg to differ. It starts off at £29,180 for the manual and £30,560 for the auto.

If converted using today's exchange rate, then you're looking at about $47,000. Nissan says only 200 units will be built, but that still seems very expensive considering the Xterra starts off at just $26,250. Even the Rogue has a base price of just $21,460.

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