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Nissan Reveals Radical New EV Crossover

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The IMQ Concept is set to be unveiled at Geneva.

Only a couple of months following the debut of the Nissan IMS concept at Detroit, the Japanese automaker has just announced it will unveil the IMQ concept at Geneva next week. Only a single teaser image has been released so far and, clearly, it's a crossover. Nissan isn't revealing much in the way of details just yet, but did state the crossover "embodies the future of Nissan Intelligent Mobility and gives a sneak peek as to what might be in your future driveway."

Doing our best to compare the IMQ teaser image to the IMS concept (also pictured here), it's clear both share an angular styling language. The IMQ, however, looks like it's smaller with only three doors instead of the IMS' five-door design.

The rear end also looks slightly more aggressive than what we saw at Detroit but, again, it's hard to get an accurate idea based on a single image. The most noticeable difference between the concepts is, without question, the wheels. The IMQ looks like it'll be sporting some massive wheels with even more aggressive fender flares. Whereas the IMS, which Nissan described as "an elevated sports sedan," was more toned-down in general, the IMQ could turn out to be the more athletic sibling.

Regardless of exterior design, the IMQ is almost certainly an EV that is very likely built on the same platform as the IMS. If so, it'll probably receive the same or similar 115 kWh battery that in the IMS translated into a range of up to 380 miles.

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A dual-motor all-wheel-drive system with a combined output of 483 hp and 590 lb-ft of torque is also a fair assumption. Although no interior images are yet available, we wouldn't be surprised to see a steering wheel that folds into the dashboard because, go figure, the IMQ will feature some degree of self-driving capability. We'll be on hand next week at Geneva with full details.