Nissan Reveals Revisions for GT-R

Nissan is keeping the GT-R at the top of its game with some minor revisions for the upcoming model year.

Just as there have been many films portraying the mythical beast known as Godzilla, each with a tweaked version of the giant beast, so have there been various iterations of the car unofficially known by the same name. We're not even talking here about previous generations of the Skyline-based sportscar: in its current R35 version, the GT-R has undergone a series of changes aimed to keep the Nissan supercar at the top of its game. And now the Japanese automaker has released the latest.

Just announced for the Japanese Domestic Market, the new GT-R carries the 2013 model year designation locally and is expected to translate to a revised 2014 model for North America and other markets as well. So what's new with the new GT-R? The revisions are minor, but when you're fighting for milliseconds off a lap time or acceleration run, every little bit counts. So we're looking at new high-output fuel injectors for improved midrange and high-rev engine response, a new relief valve for the turbochargers, a revised suspension and increased body rigidity. As a result, the 0-62 drops by 0.1 second from 2.8 to 2.7 ticks of the clock.

Nissan is offering the 2013 JDM GT-R in three trim levels, including the Pure, Black and Premium editions, the latter of which gets a two-tone red and black interior. We'll have to wait until the automaker formerly known as Datsun announces details for the North American version, but for now we can tell you that any improvement is a good thing when we're talking about a vehicle as capable as the GT-R.

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