Nissan Reveals World's Fastest Electric Racer

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Radical hybrid race car will compete at Le Mans next year where it could be lapping the circuit quicker than a Ferrari 458 GT. Purely on electric juice.

Following an announcement made earlier this year, Nissan has unveiled the ZEOD RC – the world's fastest electric racing car. Standing for Zero Emission On Demand Racing Car, the ZEOD RC will debut at next year's Le Mans 24 Hours after an invitation from the ACO (the governing body of the endurance race and associated series) to compete from Garage 56, reserved for experimental race cars. Final specs have yet to be established with powertrain combinations set to be tested on the flexible platform over the coming months.

The same core battery tech used in the Leaf, however, will be utilized. And a regenerative braking system will keep it well juiced. The iconic narrow track front axle shape of the DeltaWing carries over to the ZEOD, both cars being penned by Ben Bowlby who now sits as Nissan's director of motorsport innovation. It is hoped the car will complete an entire 8.5-mile lap of the Circuit de la Sarthe on EV power alone, while it should be able to reach speeds of up to 185 mph on the Mulsanne Straight. The Nissan ZEOD RC will begin testing this summer.

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