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Nissan Reveals X-Trail Designed For Dogs

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It’s official: Nissan has gone barking mad.

Concept cars serve a variety of purposes, from showing new design languages and advanced autonomous tech, to innovative interiors. This new Nissan X-Trail concept crossover, on the other hand, doesn't cater for humans - it's designed primarily for dogs. No, it isn't a car designed to be driven by your canine companion. Instead, the practical design is more dog-friendly than your average car for pet owners. Called the Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs concept, the trunk has been modified to seat two furry friends.

It's the array of dog-friendly features that set the X-Trail 4Dogs concept apart. A 360-degree pull-out shower will keep your interior free of muddy paws after walks, and you can dry your dog off with a built-in dryer. There's a slide-away ramp allowing your dog to easily enter the trunk, which has plenty of pet luxuries, including a bed, no-spill water bowl and treat dispenser. There's even a safety seatbelt, or rather a clip-on harness hook. Our favorite feature, however, has to be the "dog-cam" connected to the X-Trail's NissanConnect infotainment system, allowing both pet and owner to keep tabs on each other via the seven-inch dashboard display and a new 10-inch LCD screen in the trunk.

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Before you think Nissan has gone barking mad and check your calendar to see if it's April Fools Day, the X-Trail 4Dogs was conceived after a survey of 1,300 dog owners revealed that nearly 90 percent of pet owners would buy a dog-friendly car. "The features in the Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs are really well-considered, and make it perfect for taking pets out in all weathers," said vet practioner Rachel Homeny. "In particular, the wash and dry functionality allows dogs to be dogs, so owners don't need to worry about messing up the car interior. This is a great concept that caters to the needs of man's best friend." Could Nissan be onto something here?