Nissan's Craziest Concept Yet Is Essentially A Smartphone On Wheels

Millennials will love this, right?!

Set to debut at the 44th annual Tokyo Motor Show on October 30th, the Nissan Teatro For Dayz concept is possibly one of the most interesting cars we’ll see this year. When the concept car was announced, Nissan’s Product Planning General Manager Hidemi Sasaki called this generation the “share natives." This is because of the “excitement that comes from using things to connect with friends and share enjoyment." Nissan wanted to create a car that reflects this generation, so it built a digital cube with four wheels.

The seats, dashboard, headrests and nearly everything else that makes up the car are covered in display screens. The displays are full of useful and adjustable information, such as speed gauges and navigation systems for the driver when the car is being driven. However, once it’s parked the Teatro For Dayz can be customized into whatever the driver or its occupants (kids/teens/millennials) want the car to display, which is neat if a little ridiculous as well. As expected the screens feature social media apps and can even be used to change the look of the interior. Of course the Teatro for Dayz concept will never see a surface street or the light of day but it should still be fun to see live at the show.

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