Nissan's Gorgeous Answer For An Affordable Sports Car Has Been Axed

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Don't hold your breath for a Toyota GT86 fighter.

Most of the time automakers make concepts that outline their respective futures. Remember the IDX Concept from Nissan? Everyone thought that would be the beginning of a small, cheap sports car from the brand, but it turns out that Nissan has no plans of putting it into the market anytime soon. In a recent interview with Auto Express, Nissan's chief creative officer Shiro Nakamura revealed that a cheap, rear-wheel drive sports car is not in the works. At least enthusiasts can look forward to many years with a Z sports car and the GT-R.


"You need a proper platform because it has to be light and small and also affordable," stated Nakamura. "In reality that is not easy to find. It also has to be rear-wheel drive-if we make it front-wheel drive it would be cheating. It is expensive and we are struggling." Nakamura pointed out that the majority of automakers have turned towards having one platform throughout its entire lineup. "We have to renew the platform strategy across the company," he stated. "If we can find a good solution to produce something more affordable and light, we can bring it back." It's safe to assume, then, that the Nissan 370Z and GT-R will be the only sports cars in Nissan's lineup for a long time, which is a shame.

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