Nissan's Intelligent Cruise Control Likes To Commit Suicide By Fire


When the NHTSA recommends you don't drive your car until a recall fix is done, things are pretty serious.

When the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issues a recall it's usually something that can be sorted out easily and only cost some of your free time to fix. When it issues a statement related to your car and recommend that you don't drive it until the repair is carried out, things start looking more serious, especially when the result of the problem could possibly see your Nissan going up in flames. Luckily there's a telltale sign that you may need the fix.

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Owners may be able to tell if their Nissan is affected if the ABS warning lamp remains on for more than 10 seconds after engine start up. If so, owners are advised to park outdoors, away from other cars or structures and to not drive the vehicle. The NHTSA found that on certain Nissan models fitted with the Intelligent Cruise Control option, there’s a possibility that the Anti-Lock Brake (ABS) actuator pumps may allow brake fluid to leak onto an internal electrical circuit board. This fluid when combined with a electrical spark, could possibly result in an electrical short, increasing the risk of a fire, and the only place fire is acceptable is inside the cylinders.

Luckily there have been no injuries reported as a result of this fault, so this warning has been released in good time. Keeping the record clean is now up to the manufacturer, which is yet to provide a notification schedule for the roll out of fixes. Affected models are 2016-2017 Maximas manufactured between Feb 10, 2015 - August 19, 2016; 2015-2017 Muranos manufactured between Aug 22, 2014 - August 19, 2016; and lastly 2015-2016 Murano Hybrids manufactured between August 22, 2014 - July 19, 2016. Keep an eye on those warning lights people, and count to ten before looking away to connect your phone or set the nav.