Nissan's New IDS Concept Is An Awesome Tesla Fighting Hatchback

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This could be a game-changer.

In follow up to teasers of Nissan's new IDS concept vehicle last week, the automaker has now unveiled a full photo set of the concept that will make its official debut on Thursday at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. According to Nissan, the all-electric IDS hatchback is the second generation of the Leaf. The IDS Concept features a body entirely constructed from carbon fiber and a spacious interior with cabin room for four passengers. The cool transparent looking design of the front grille on the IDS was designed to look like stacked blocks of ice.

The rear of the car features a roof-mounted spoiler and V-shaped taillights. One of the most impressive features on the IDS is the option for dual cabin configurations. Owners can choose between either Manual Drive or Piloted Drive. In Piloted Drive mode, all four seats turn slightly inward and dim ambient lighting illuminates the cabin space.

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In Manual Drive mode, the driver's seat turns forward and a gorgeous high tech steering wheel pilots the vehicle. The interior also has a head up display system to keep the driver focused on the road. The IDS is powered by a big 60 kWh battery which would provide plenty of charge for long commutes. However, Nissan has not yet specified the full range of the vehicle. The IDS could potentially be a serious competitor to Tesla's upcoming affordable Model 3.

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