Nissan's 'Taxi of Tomorrow' Teased to New Yorkers

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The Nissan NV200 will be New York's new taxi and is being showcased at a special event downtown.

New York taxis shuttle 600,000 passengers around the city every day, travelling the equivalent of 20,000 times around the world each year. So the project of creating the 'Taxi for Tomorrow' to accommodate the modern needs of its needy city dwellers was a real challenge. New Yorkers, whose input was incorporated into the design, can now fully experience their new taxi that may appear to be a standard Nissan NV200 on the outside but has in fact got a completely reworked and redesigned interior.

At the Nissan's Taxi of Tomorrow Design Expo future commuters will get the chance to see how their rides across town will be vastly improved. The taxi is accessed and alighted via sliding doors and once seated a view of the New York skyline can be enjoyed by looking up through the transparent roof panel that affords passengers unique views of the city. There's a large cargo area to accommodate luggage for four, a USB charging access, rear-seat heat & a/c controls, and an air filter to give passengers a break from the NYC smog. Enhanced interior materials make the cabin smell fresher and the upholstery easy to clean.

From 2013 the NV200 will be New York's taxicab for a decade, and until Saturday this week you can stop by the expo, being held at the pedestrian plaza across from the Flatiron building at Broadway and Fifth Avenue, and check it out.

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