Nissan's Winter Warriors Are Perfect For The Snow Zombie Apocalypse

2016 Chicago Auto Show / Comments

Nissan went crazy and wants warriors to battle Snowmageddon.

Nissan is certainly not scared of winter. The automaker laughs in the face of every Stark and further proves that Jon Snow knows nothing. How so? Nissan has taken some of its crossovers and SUVs and applied sets of tracks to them.The Murano, Rogue, and Pathfinder are the lucky beneficiaries and each looks rather menacing as a wannabe tank. The cars are part of a promotion Nissan is creating called the Winter Warriors. Set for unveiling at the 2016 Chicago Auto Show Nissan has outfitted these vehicles for battle.

Fitted with 121-inch long Dominator treads from American Track Truck, the trio certainly seems perfect for anyone trying to survive a wintertime zombie apocalypse.

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