Nissan Says Crossovers And SUVs Are Destined To Take Over Europe

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Nothing can stop the rise of the CUV and SUV. NOTHING!

Anyone who pays even a bit of attention to the US auto industry knows one thing: The rise of the crossover/SUV cannot be stopped. Americans have ditched small cars, hatchbacks and wagons for jacked-up car-based mall crawlers. But Europe isn't America. They love hatches and wagons there. Surely CUVs and SUVs will never rule...right? Wrong. In an interview with Automotive News Europe, Nissan Europe's head of sales, Guillaume Cartier, says that he sees crossovers and SUVs outselling hatchback, wagons and sedans before 2020.


Specifically, he thinks cars, wagons and hatches will be toppled by CUVs and SUVs by 2017 or 2018. His reasoning is simple: People are buying these cars like crazy. When asked what percentage of Nissan's sales in Europe crossover and SUVs accounted for, Cartier said "about 70 percent." Driving Nissan's success is the Qashqai, a car with a silly name that we kind of want sold over here. But even Cartier can't explain why Europeans love the crossover so damn much. "If you ask me where our sales of Qashqai are coming from I would have some difficulty answering you. Why? Because they're coming from everywhere. That means this concept is answering the needs of most people."

We often bemoan the lack of wagons and hatches in the US, saying that Europe gets all the fun cars. But is Europe destined to follow in our footsteps, losing its wagons and hatchbacks as crossovers and SUVs crowd up automakers lineups? It's too soon to tell, but the winds of change appear to be blowing hard in the direction of CUVs and sport utility vehicles. Europeans, enjoy you're hot wagons and hot hatches while you can.

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