Nissan Says We Prefer To Drive Than Fly

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A new survey indicates that Americans prefer being on the road for vacations.

As the country gets to grips with how to return to a semblance of normality, Nissan has conducted a survey to see if being locked down has had an effect on how we intend to spend our vacation days. According to the brand, 71 percent of Americans will be more comfortable traveling by car than by air this summer. Perhaps it's the fear of confined spaces with artificial ventilation, or the closeness with other travelers, but most Americans are looking to keep social distancing as much as possible - even when on vacation. Naturally, Nissan has taken the opportunity to point out that the likes of the NV van and other models would be great for this.

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Results of its survey suggest that recreational vehicles and boats seem to be more alluring to most citizens this summer, and outdoorsy activities that are helped along by such vehicles are just what the doctor ordered after a lockdown. The survey has also revealed that 28 percent of respondents are considering a vehicle capable of towing campers, boats, and jet skis in the next three months, but only 33 percent of those surveyed have any towing experience. Furthermore, 74 percent have concerns with towing. This is not a surprise, as it can seem very daunting, especially for those who fear backing up at some point.

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As you'd expect, this is part of a marketing campaign that highlights the towing capacities of various Nissan products, including the Rogue, Pathfinder, Titan, Titan XD, and Armada. The aforementioned NV passenger van is also made mention of, but as you'd expect, it's the Titan XD that is the most capable of the bunch, promising up to 11,000 pounds of towing ability.

Thanks to features like Trailer Sway Control, Nissan is quick to point out that there should be little cause for concern when towing. Hopefully, the opportunity to step out and enjoy the summer sun is one we can take advantage of.

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