Nissan Silvia Set To Return As Sexy EV

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Now you can go sideways in silence.

Japanese manufacturers are currently having a blast resurrecting famous car names.

Toyota was first out of the gates with the new BMW Supra, and Nissan hit back with the all-new Z. In 2021, Acura introduced the world to the new Integra.

It seems Nissan is resurrecting another famous name, Silvia or 200SX, if you prefer. We always preferred Silvia because quite a few people out there have a grandma Silvia. Boomers liked the name Silvia, but it slowly died out after people started naming their kids after Twilight characters. In any case, the 200SX is reportedly making a return. People who love to go everywhere sideways rejoice.


Or perhaps not because the rumors suggest that the all-new Silvia will be an EV. So you can forget about turbos whistling and squirrel-mincing wastegate noises. Getting a RWD EV sideways shouldn't be too hard, but all you'll hear is the expensive sound of tires being shredded to bits.

This report comes from Japan's Best Car Web. The publication claims to have the inside scoop, stating that the Silvia style is being reintroduced as an EV, possibly in 2025. That's as much as the publication is willing to divulge at the moment.

It does make sense, as Nissan is currently busy revamping its line-up. The first significant EV introduction is the Ariya, but we've seen quite a few Nissan EV concepts over the last two years.


The most telling is a few design sketches from the vice president of Nissan Design Europe, Matthew Weaver. Weaver was asked to modernize the original 1960s Silvia as an electric coupe for the future.

Weaver's design is quite striking and futuristic. Somehow, it still manages to hit all the right design cues and looks like a properly updated homage to the 1960s car. Weaver even went as far as saying that an updated Silvia could work, given the freedom designers now have the EV skateboard design. With more available space, the Silvia could also be considered a grand tourer.

As is the standard these days, the EV version will most likely have a dual-motor setup, with one driving the front axle, and one driving the rear. Given what the car is now famous for, that's a little disappointing. Perhaps Nissan could engineer a simple driving mode that completely deactivates the front motor.

Source Credits: Best Car Web

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