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Nissan Skyline Fans Are Going To Be Furious Over This New Feature

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And you thought Supra fans were angry?

No matter how good the new Supra drives (and it drives really well), there will still be people out there who are angry it uses a BMW engine and electronics and is not offered with a manual transmission. While we could almost sympathize with the manual complaint, the Supra is still a world-class sports car with a heavy emphasis on driving enjoyment. The same can not be said of another legendary Japanese car from the 1990s, the Nissan Skyline.

With the Skyline name no longer attached to the GT-R, many US enthusiasts may believe Nissan doesn't even build the Skyline anymore. Much to the surprise of many, the car has still been sold in Japan for the last several years as a rebadged version of the Infiniti G35, G37, and now the Q50.

US enthusiasts mainly knew the Skyline because of the hardcore GT-R variants from the '90s, but the base car is far more mundane in its home market. In fact, Nissan has just announced that the Skyline will now be available with what it calls the "world's first next-gen driver assistance system."

As an expansion of Nissan's ProPILOT system, the Skyline will now be capable of single-lane highway driving without the driver needing to have their hands on the steering wheel. The only requirement is that the driver needs to set their destination in the navigation system, creating a predefined travel route for the system to follow.

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If the system detects a slower car in front of the vehicle, it will alert the driver when there is an opportunity to pass using audio and visual alerts, then temporarily cede control to execute the passing maneuver. Once the car reaches the off-ramp on the highway, the system deactivates and normal driving resumes.

Since the Nissan Skyline is nearly identical to the Infiniti Q50, we wouldn't be surprised if this system also becomes available in the US. So while Supra fans may be upset over the new car's BMW origins, Skyline fans can be outraged that their beloved Godzilla is pretty much a self-driving luxury car now.