Nissan Stagea Wagon Gets GT-R Guts

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What do you do when the kids outgrow the back of a GT-R? You create a GT-R wagon out of a Skyline Stagea, that's what.

The 3rd-generation Nissan Stagea Wagon was originally intended to compete with the Subaru Legacy Touring, however after several aftermarket mods in Portugal, the British-licensed estate is ready to compete with some of the finer sportscars on the roads. With 150,000 km (about 93,000 miles) on the clock, the modified model was originally derived from the G35 Skyline sedan - which is fitting as this wagon has been retrofitted to GT-R specifications, complete with 400hp turbocharged V6.

The current owner has added GT-R components for a Godzilla look-alike effect, including everything from badging to the steering wheels and the big 20-inch wheels it rides on. A GT-R-inspired exhaust system announces the wagon's presence like the real thing. First spotted by WorldCarFans, further equipment on the Skyline Stagea includes xenon headlights, Bluetooth connectivity, sat-nav, ABS brakes and ESP system. The 2005 model is currently up for sale and runs a cool €35,000, which translates to about $45,310 at today's conversion rates. Apparently there are only two models in the world with these modifications.

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