Nissan Teases A Retro Electric Sports Car

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It will be revealed next month.

Nissan has teased a concept reveal that will debut on February 1 at 8:00 pm EST. "Join us on February 2 to see what happens when virtual becomes physical. Discover how our latest concept car takes zero-emissions mobility to the max," Nissan said in the video description.

Judging by what we can see from the teaser image, Nissan plans to show a real-world version of the Max-Out Concept, which previously only existed virtually.

The Max-Out debuted alongside three other electric vehicle concepts, including the Chill-Out crossover, Hang-Out SUV, and Surf-Out pickup truck. Nissan originally said the car would deliver "dynamic cornering and steering response."


We are intrigued to see how the digital design is translated into a physical car. The original concept featured a two-seat layout with a passenger seat that could fold to create more space inside. Aside from some bright neon lights, the interior was pretty bare with a small steering wheel and a large screen spanning the length of the dashboard. Since Nissan has specified that this will still be a concept, we don't predict there will be any shared elements from any existing production cars like the Nissan Z.

If anything this will likely be a distant preview of what an electric sports car could look like from the Japanese brand. The styling should be pretty similar to the original sketch, meaning a low-slung body with retro design cues. Those squared taillights give off serious Dodge Challenger vibes.


Nissan has not offered a convertible since the 370Z Roadster went out of production in 2019. Before that, the Murano CrossCabriolet was Nissan's only other drop-top vehicle.

We would love to see an electric sports car that borrows the 389 horsepower dual-motor setup from the Nissan Ariya. Even a rear-wheel-drive version with a single motor producing 238 hp would be pretty cool, but it's unclear if Nissan will even announce power output since this is only a concept.


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