Nissan Teases Friend-ME Concept

Digital interconnectivity hitches a ride in Nissan's latest concept car headed for Shanghai.

Keeping to yourself is fast becoming a thing of the past. Everyone’s carrying smartphones with cameras, everything’s on Facebook and every thought is summarized on Twitter. That trend is finding its way into cars as well, with inter-vehicle communications and hands-free mobile connectivity. Now Nissan appears to be taking it a step further with the Friend-ME concept. Set to be unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show in just over a week, the show car has been conceived by Nissan’s design studio in Beijing.

The Japanese automaker isn’t saying what sort of social platforms the concept has integrated, but has released these two teaser shots, along with the one nugget of information that it incorporates a unique center console with the tagline “Four Seats, One Mind Connectivity.” Sounds...interesting, but we'll wait for the real thing to be revealed on April 20 in Shanghai, if not sooner.

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