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Nissan Titan XD Surfcamp Is Your Go-To Beach House This Summer


Everything you need and more for a proper beach party is here.

Nissan figured it was about time to create the perfect pickup truck for the summer. Introducing the Titan XD Surfcamp concept, the closest thing you’ll find to a truck/beach house on wheels. Powered by the familiar 5.0-liter Cummins V8 turbo diesel, the Titan XD Surfcamp is, in the words of Nissan, “an all-inclusive beach oasis…inspired by the vintage beach trucks of the 1960s and 1970s.” Specifically, the automaker matched the exterior paint job of the 1967 Nissan Patrol and a Hot Wheels 1971 Datsun Bluebird wagon with a unique body wrap.

As you can see, the truck also features surfboards, paddleboards, and fishing rods. There’s even a solar-powered shower to help get that salty sea water off you before an evening campfire.

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The donor truck came struck from the factory floor in Canton, Mississippi, and can seat up to five passengers. However, Nissan further modified it with an Icon suspension lift kit, Icon Alpha wheel wearing Nitto Ridge Grappler rubber, and even some body armor to add some further protection from sandy beach winds. The interior is also very beach friendly thanks to wetsuit-inspired seat covers and heavy-duty rubber floor mats. The bed has also been modified with appropriate storage, such as drawer storage, for those fishing rods, wetsuits and other beach-required supplies. There’s also a cargo rack and cab roof rack for even greater versatility. The awning provides some much-needed relief from that hot summer sun.

The Titan XD Surfcamp is the latest in a series of so-called lifestyle-themed projects Nissan has been doing. The first was the Titan Project Basecamp for camping, followed by the skiing-themed Armada Snow Patrol. There was also the BBQ-friendly Smokin’ Titan and the Armada Mountain Patrol for some serious family adventures. The Titan XD Surfcamp will be on display at the International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades (ICAST) in Orlando, Florida from July 10-13.