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Nissan to Facebook Fans: What's Your Ideal 370Z Track Car?

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Why it pays to listen to your customers.

Facebook is quickly becoming a wonderful source of information for not just advertisers, but also for automakers. Audi recently used the social networking site to gauge whether there was enough interest amongst U.S. fans to import (in limited numbers) the TT RS. As a result of the positive responses, the TT RS has now arrived on American shores. Nissan recently used Facebook to ask their fans what they wanted in the ultimate track car.

After receiving plenty of responses, the Japanese automaker is now building it. Called the "world's first crowd sourced Nissan Z" (or Project 370Z), the engineering team began by taking out the car's engine and added a twin-turbo kit. In order to support that, they had to install a new exhaust system.

The team performed a number of other improvements which you can learn more about in this official Nissan video. This is only Stage One, so more updates are expected soon. And we must tip our hats to Nissan because they clearly listen to their fans/customers. Now, is there any chance for this 370Z to make production, even in limited numbers?

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